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Hug Life

There are days when I go knock on my sisters door and say, 'Hey Nina, I need a hug.' She usually says nothing but stretches out her arms and I land in an embrace that speaks more than her words ever could. It tells me I'm important to someone. That I am loved, I am understood and my presence matters. It's a type of affirmation I need from time to time. Hugs have healing in them. Nina's hugs remind me that other people need hugs too. There are times I pick out people who I am determined to hug during the week. They have no idea I'm looking for them but every time I seek out someone to hug, it's like they needed it like nothing else in the moment. Maybe it's not me. Maybe it's not Nina. Maybe we all need a hug. I've made my list for this week. Some very special people have some serious hugs coming their way. I hope you pick some people to hug too.

Love ya!


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