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Consistency In Friendship

There are many sides to us as humans requiring us to wear several hats in friendship. We are parental, therapeutic, bodyguards, and sometimes verbal waste management to name a few. Despite our multifaceted roles, there is no perfect formula to friendship but it sure would be nice if there were.

Relationships can be taxing at times and downright difficult but they can also be very rewarding. I remember my low points and how my friends were there surrounding me with love and support bringing laughter to heavy situations or sitting with me in silence because there was nothing left to be said after experiencing major disappointments. There are even times that I randomly say and do stupid stuff and my friends are right there, AGAIN, telling me to get it together, (insert eye roll), but I listen because I know they care. Friends know what you need when you need it most and aren't afraid to speak up or reach out.

If I could pick my favorite part of friendship it would be the consistency. There can be the temptation to give up on our friends when they are moody, rude, and lash out but our consistency should show up time and time again letting our friends know those little moments won't run us off. Consistency communicates our love and that our friends mean more to us than their mistakes. Receive apologies and when it is your turn be apologetic. Continue being there, rooting them on, extending a shoulder to cry on, contributing your wisdom to their lives, being a nonjudgmental ear, and being who you genuinely are. Your friends need you.

Love ya,


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