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Surrounded by Love

Today I woke up grateful. I get to live my life surrounded by people who love me and I love them. It's one of the blessings in life I know not to take for granted. Having friends who are skilled at encouraging, being present, and forgiving make the good days easy to enjoy and the rough days easier to endure.

I have my core girls, my 3 closest friends who give me the perfect balance of accountability, opposition when needed, and love. They know when I'm not living up to my best self, when I'm going a bit too far and need to be reeled back in, and they love –really love, me. I know for a fact I am not perfect. I'm am keenly aware of my short-comings and my friends grace me through until I grow. They are long-suffering, gentle, hilarious, smart, and fun! They teach me how to enjoy life just by being who they are.

Recently I've been meeting new people and making new friends. It's been a wonderful experience getting to know others who are just as wonderful and bring just as much joy as my core buds. They are kick-butt women who love deeply, own their personalities, and are just cool to know. I'm so grateful.

Over time I've learned to give friendships the best chance of longevity by eliminating judgement, learning how to give AND receive, and being emotionally invested in creating positive experiences with each other. Send the text when they're on your mind, write them notes, give them cards, pick up those earrings you saw in the store that would be perfect for her. Take time to listen about their day and be supportive when they need you. Love without the fear of being hurt. Friends disagree and get into tiffs at times but know the relationship is worth processing through the pain to get back to the gold in each other. Friendships are worth it.

I don't know what your friendships are like but know they can be great.Tell a friend what they mean to you today and know you deserve to be surrounded by love.

Love ya,


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