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Are you living?

Our day to day lives can become overwhelming with the constant demands of work, family, church, community, etc. so thinking of one more thing can be a challenge in itself. Despite this, there is a 10 minute, demand-free opportunity somewhere in your day to ponder this question. Are you living? Could you personally define what living means and would you be able to recognize it in your life if it were happening? 

My definition of living always considers how present I’ve been with my husband and family. It is a matter of connection or relationship for me so I ask myself this question as often as I can. 

The question isn’t meant to be stressful. It is meant to call to the forefront of your life what is important so the stress can be kept in check and packed away when necessary. Sometimes just pausing long enough to remind ourselves to take opportunities to have fun, reach out to friends, and enjoy our lives is enough to hold us until the next ask.

My sincere hope is that you glean the best out of every moment this life has to offer. Ask the question, consider your answer, and do something about it.

Feeling Alive,


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