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Mentor Teacher Preacher

I have had the privilege of meeting some amazing people in my life. Other than my husband, there are none more special or more dear to my heart than the three I call The Mentor, The Teacher, and The Preacher. To be honest, these three could occupy any of the three roles at any time. Their skill in being master lovers of people and master extenders of grace ensure it. At pivotal points in my life, they took what was and molded it into something beautiful when I needed it most and I hope by reading this you can identify who occupies these roles in your life too.

The Mentor

Just thinking about her chokes me up. The love that she has shown me, the good she has expressed towards me, and the gems she has instilled in me are incomparable. Sometimes I see her as more than The Mentor. Sometimes I see her as Mom pushing me along the way, showing me how to live, and being the smiling face who is always happy to see me. However, her greatest impact upon my life was making me feel accepted. I really needed it to become who I am and I really needed it to know it was ok even if I never became who I am. She inspires me daily.

The Teacher

The Teacher doesn’t even know she is teaching me. She doesn’t know how she pushes me to become better and she doesn’t know how she empowers me through her actions and execution. Watching her teaches me that “it” can be done, no matter what the “it” is. She shows me where to strengthen my weaknesses and when to rest in what is already there. We all should recognize the teachers in our lives. They lead us to paths of growth and development and sharpen us to become better versions of ourselves.

The Preacher

I don’t think there are words that could adequately describe who he has been to me but this is my best attempt to sum him up. Master Cultivator. The greatness he has provoked in me and the gold he has uncovered in me can’t ever be undone. I know too much truth. I never knew who I was until he pointed me to the One who could show me. People like him can’t be repaid so our best option is to honor.



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