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Finishing What You Start

Holy smokes! We started a blog! If you're anything like me, you have no problem starting anything. I'm proficient at starting. I have the energy, the know how, and the imagination to start. Finishing is where I find myself most challenged. Finishing requires me to push. It requires me to admit to myself what I don't know and the new things I need to learn. Finishing opens up the possibility that I might not get it right the first time. That was a struggle for me.

So after multiple years of talking about what we hoped to do, we took action on things near and dear to our hearts. We determined 2017 is our year to finish everything we start. We are learning that finishing is often the gateway to growth. It reveals to us where we are strong and, yikes, where we are weak. Finishing creates opportunities we wouldn't have if we keep starting over. Wooten and I have learned to embrace that finishing is GOOD. We always knew it was important to have dreams but now we understand it is even more important to make good on those dreams.

Making good on our dreams meant no longer sitting around talking about what we want to do anymore. Anyone who has been around me since the fall of last year knows I don't let anyone verbally divulge their passion without action. I will politely interrupt you, locate a pen and paper and ask you to write it down and make it happen. I don't just push others, I now require it of myself.

With this in mind, Wooten and I set 3 serious goals for ourselves and all 3 are well underway or we're putting the final touches on them. We'd like to share them with you.


Our desire is to create a virtual environment where our subscribers, who we welcome as our virtual friends and family, feel included, encouraged, and inspired. A place where they can find a bit of joy, engaging conversation, and some flat out fun stuff. To do any of this, we had to actually start the blog. Goal 1, done!


It's been in our hearts to remember where we came from with fondness and effort. We are 2 country girls living in the city but we want to have a positive impact on our hometown community. This year our charity will officially launch (amongst other efforts there) and we can't wait to share more with you about it! Goal 2, significantly underway.


We have been starting books for years but we never finished anything. I can't tell you the number of times I wrote a book and scrapped the entire project because it either kept evolving or I was being too much of a perfectionist to finish. We decided to end that cycle this year. We both will be releasing projects and we hope you love them as much as we do. Goal 3, coming soon.

We hope you will join us in setting your own finishing goals this year, no matter how large or small. We know you have it in you but then again, deep down, you know you do too. What are you waiting for?

Love ya!


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