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The Importance of Love

Love is important because we need it. We need the acceptance of it, the feeling of it, the inclusion of it and the meaning of it. Love says I value the real you, mistakes and all. It causes us to take notice of ALL people and not just the ones who satisfy a personal need or who pose a potential benefit to us personally.

Love leaves its mark of hope, happiness and a sense of belonging. People should never feel rejected, alone, or made to feel an outcast by our doing. We should be speaking to the person in the room that no one has introduced themselves to. The one who looks uneasy because they didn't come with a friend or is new in town. An introduction and smile communicates to a person that they aren't invisible. Love says, you matter because you do.

Let's spread the message of the importance of love by our actions toward one another daily. Tell your family and friends what they mean to you. Show the importance of love by how you serve your community and by how you treat strangers. Love is kindness. How can you show kindness today to impact someone's tomorrow? Existence may connect us but choice sets us apart. I choose love.

Love ya,


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